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Have you ever wished you could playback your adventure – show your friends and family exactly what you experienced on your RV journeys?  Not just a snap-shot from here or there, or a video of something wonderful when you stepped from your RV, but exactly what you got to see as you were driving down the long expanse of highway……the most beautiful sunrise starting at 5:24am, a mommy  bison with her baby – in no hurry, mind you – crossing sylvan pass in yellowstone national park, or the most torrential rainstorm you’ve ever seen in your life….

Well, lucky for us, tti, a leading supplier of vehicle plug and play mobile video solutions, has just released a new addition to its growing lineup of lightweight high definition video cameras.

The tt-i Buddy NightOwl, is designed for recreation vehicle owners who want to capture their journey in full HD quality video for playback on their PC or television.

easily attach to the windshield to video record your journey

A benefit of plug and play solutions is they can be installed easily with a suction cup fixing and powered from the cigarette socket in the vehicle without incurring expensive installation costs.

Attached to your windshield with a special mount that makes use of a suction cup, the NightOwl has no moving parts, which means that bumpy journeys aren’t going to dislodge anything while you’re traveling down the road.

By fitting a two or three way power socket to the cigarette socket you can install multiple cameras on the same vehicle.

The tt-i Buddy NightOwl has an SD card slot to support up to 64GB memory cards, has motion detection, night vision, a built in screen that can fold away, and a real-time stamp on video so you’ll know when the video was recorded.

night vision, hd technology, and motion detection

The NightOwl offers the highest resolution and frame rate combination in the mobile video market. Using H.264 compression it is a first with High Definition video quality and SD Card video storage.

tt-i Buddy NightOwl

the tt-i Buddy NightOwl has features such as High Definition, an SD card up to 64GB (no moving parts) motion detection, night vision, a built in screen that folds away for viewer location, a real-time stamp on video and it’s easy to use.
Cost: $375 (with an 8GB SD card)

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