Check out this really great contest! 
Now through September 6th, you can visit to help out your favorite local, state, or national park with big with just the click of your mouse!  The three parks that receive the highest number of votes will be awarded recreation grants.  The grants will go towards restoration, rebuilding, or enhancement of recreational areas in parks where people can play and be active.
YOUR vote can decide!  You can vote as many times as you like between NOW and September 6.  
You can vote in the following three ways:
1: Interactive Map: Use the map to find the park you would like to vote for, then click on the vote button.  Each map vote gives your park 1 point.
2.  Facebook Places check-in:  Vote while you’re inside your park and your park will receive 5 points.
3.  Upload Photos:  Share your family’s park activities and receive an extra 5 points for the park.  Upload them through your facebook account or directly through your computer.
Using this point system, the three park winners will receive grants in the following amounts:
First Place – $100,000
Second Place – $50,000
Third Place – $25,000