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Los Angeles is replete with “Star Wagons,” travel trailers that are used on location as temporary living and working quarters for actors and crew. The world’s most publicized celebrities spend a great deal of their working time aboard RVs. And many of these folks have taken the RV lifestyle along with them after departing the set.

In the Airstream community, A-list celebs like Matthew McConaughey  and Pamela Anderson have helped to make the classic aluminum trailers seem hip and current. Heck, People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive lived full-time for years in his trailer, which was parked alongside a Malibu beach.

It’s said that Will Smith, Sly Stallone, and Robert De Niro have built extraordinarily plush RVs that are customized to their tastes. De Niro’s coach reportedly is three stories tall and boasts almost a dozen TV sets. (Elvis would approve.)

Fredericksburg RV Superstore

Robert DeNiro's RV has a retractable second floor, a winding staircase, a pull-out bed and 11 plasma televisions

Those of us who have fully explored the RV lifestyle understand that there’s literally no limit to how nice these things can be. For many of us, the RV lifestyle combines the best of both worlds — the comforts of home paired with the enjoyment of travel. You don’t need to be a celebrity to live the life.

In recent years we’ve seen the growing popularity at the RV shows across the country — couples, young and old; families; and the young singles who linger longest at the toy-haulers, or S.U.R.V.’s (sport utility recreational vehicles), which start at around $21,000 and are equipped with built-in garages and sliding ramps in back. The adventure travelers who use them can have not only the comforts of home standard in motorized R.V.’s — kitchen, bathroom, beds, TV’s — but also space for their A.T.V.’s, kayaks and motorcycles.

There are still low-priced products for families just starting out. Pop-ups, or folding trailers, which fold down for lightweight towing, can sleep up to eight and run between $4,000 and $13,000. Many of them have bathrooms, and almost every model includes a little stove and a sink.

For $100,000, a buyer can acquire a sizable motorized vehicle with a master bedroom and more sleeping quarters, a roomy kitchen and sections that slide out to widen the living space when the vehicle is parked.

Or you can go all out with one of  the models equipped with the newest and most lavish goodies: designer interiors, fireplaces, kitchens, rooftop patios with wet bars and grills, entertainment centers with theater mode, where the touch of a button can make the lights dim and electric shades flip down as a 60-inch television screen drops from the ceiling.

It’s fun to wander around at the RV shows, looking at all of the possibilities, but it can be just as fun, and more rewarding, to wander around the hundreds of models at your Fredericksburg RV Superstore, Safford RV.  With over 45 years of experience, we offer the highest level of hands-on customer service you can find in the state of Virginia. Given the coveted ‘Top 50 Dealer Award’ for 2010, you can rest assured that you’re in the best hands possible and on your way to finding your very own ‘star wagon.’


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