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We hear many reasons from buyers about why they want to buy an RV.  Some buyers want to sleep in their own bed, some want to be able to come and go when they want, and some even prefer to cook their own meals.

Here at your Virginia RV Dealer, we call it freedom:  freedom from having to stick to the airline schedules, freedom to eat what you like, when you like it, and freedom to not have to travel the main highways just because that’s where the bulk of the hotels are.

Having an RV enables you to explore parts of this country which are so far from civilization that there isn’t a hotel or restaurant within miles.

Virginia RV DEaler

good thing you brought most of the conveniences with you

RVs have allowed people to travel and explore the countryside in luxury.  Traveling in your personal RV is so much more exciting than handling hotel expenses and committing to a time schedule, and finding the right RV is simply a step away.  When you think of the fun traveling could be, the attractions and scenery you can experience, you will certainly decide that finding the best RV can put you out on the road to excitement.

Your Virginia RV Dealer has the right model to suit your needs – this could be one that provides all the comforts of home.

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the microwave, shower, tv, air conditioning, and a comfortable bed, can all be enjoyed in your RV

Camping and traveling in your RV permits you to relax, meet new friends and enjoy the stories that others have to share about their experiences when traveling.  It provides the perfect approach to learning about different cultures and different parts of the country.

Although devised around the early 1900s, RVs were developed and found their place in the market around the early 1960s. The evolution of luxury RVs from its predecessor, the fundamental motor home, resulted in a fully functional running home on wheels, which boasts of designer interiors, restrooms, couches, mini kitchens, internet accessibility, and television – everything that is found in a home.

Probably a very compelling reason to have an RV is convenience and relaxation.

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You settle in at your destination by hooking up the electrical power,water and sewage...then it's time to meet the new neighbors

Owning an RV is clearly a major decision when it comes to what kind of unit is best for you.  You have to take into consideration how much time you will spend in your RV (do you eventually want to become a ‘full-timer?’ ), what features are vital to you, and naturally, if it will suit your budget.

One thing is definite though.  Once you start on your RV adventures, whether it is a cross-country trip or merely a short trip over the weekend, the RV bug will get you!  come get the RV bug with your Virginia RV Dealer, Safford RV today!

We are one of the Mid Atlantic’s oldest RV dealerships and have been serving customers in the Washington DC and Northern Virginia Area for over 45 years.  We currently have over 180 units for you to choose from.

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we can promise that your RV buying experience will be out of this world!