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va rv service

Get to Know the Service Department

After visiting Safford RV, you’ve finally found the vehicle you want. It has the desired equipment and options and more. Your salesperson explains everything you need to know about the unit and answers your questions and responds to your concerns. You and the salesperson work out the numbers to your satisfaction and now you are the owner of a new RV.  Fabulous!

Now that you’ve purchased your vehicle, with which department will you spend the majority of your time?

The service department!

As part of your introduction to the dealership, your sales representative at Safford RV will introduce you to the service department. Why? Because you need to know the people in the dealership who will perform routine maintenance and any other repairs that may be required, better than anyone else. In purchasing an RV, an introduction to the service department is a key part of the shopping experience.

  Safford RV takes pride in being known as the Premier RV Service Facility in the Mid Atlantic Region for all makes and models of RVs. Led by our Service Director, Mike Traber, and his experienced staff of 8 Certified and Master level service professionals, our highly trained and skilled team is superb in all levels of RV repair service. Their over 100 years of combined experience with all types of Manufactures ensures the highest level of competency with your most prized camping possession! Open 6 days a week to answer all of your RV questions, our Thornburg Facility has easy on and off access from Interstate I95.

In between your regularly scheduled service, here are fourteen tips to help keep you, your RV, and those around you safe:

va rv service

A regularly maintained RV makes for a stress-free vacation

1. The safety of your RV rides on its tires. Know how much pressure they should have. Keep them inflated to that level. Besides adding to your safety, the proper tire pressure can increase your fuel mileage.

2. Know your RV’s weight limits. What is its gross vehicle weight rating? What is your rig’s cargo carrying capacity – the weight of things you can safely add? Stay within the limits.

3. Know the height and width of your RV. If you’re not good remembering numbers, make a cheat sheet. Write the measurements on a note card and tape it to your visor. It will be there for easy reference when you need to see it. you can safely go through a tunnel or under an overpass.

4. Know where the fire extinguisher is in your RV. Bounce it every few months, have it inspected annually, get it recharged on schedule.

5. Check your smoke alarm. Make sure it has a good battery.

6. Service your house batteries. Make sure they have adequate water.

7. If you have a motorized RV, visit Safford RV for regular fluid checks – oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, anti-freeze, window washer solution.

8. Drive safe speeds. The posted speed limit is the fastest allowed speed limit, not the speed you are required to drive.

9. Slow down when road and weather conditions dictate. An RV doesn’t handle the same on a wet or snow-covered road as it does on a dry road. Beware of the wind.

10. Recreational vehicle safety demands respecting other vehicles. Watch for motorcycles, as well as the big trucks.

11. Keep passengers seated while the RV is in motion. Everyone is supposed to be wearing a seat belt, according to many state laws.

12. Heat with approved heating appliances. The open flame of the galley range burners is an accident waiting to happen.

13. Keep a window or vent open a little.

14. Stock your RV for emergencies. Take along warm clothes and bedding. Carry enough food to last for a few days.

va rv service

Be safe in your RV….have fun in your RV!

These are some of the basics of using a recreational vehicle safely. Keep them in mind at all times…. and For a Service Appointment or to speak to someone on our service team, you can call us at Safford RV at 540-735-1100 (Local), 800-719-3507 (Toll-Free) or visit our website: http://www.saffordrv.com/service.php to schedule your appointment today.