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Virginia: How Do You Make Your Motorhome Feel Like A Home?

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Avid RVers spend a lot of time in their RV: traveling, camping, living in it, or just hanging out in it every once-in-a-while. They treat it like a second home. ( In some cases it is an RV enthusiast’s only home! )

We love to spend time in our RVs and make them feel like they are our own.  People either come into Safford RV looking for an RV with every feature they want, or they seek out an RV they can customize.  Customization is nearly endless when it comes to RVs.  Here are a few common upgrades RV buyers ask for to make their motorhome feel like a home:

A Rotating Television:

customize your motorhome

The majority of motorhomes come with a TV that is mounted inside a cabinet and cannot be moved.  More and more people are choosing to mount a flat-screen onto a rotating mount so you can turn and swivel the television and view it from anywhere in your RV. ( I could use that in my kitchen, come to think of it! )

No hassle flooring: Between all your camping adventures and the amount of family and friends that go through your RV, your floors can become a huge pain to maintain.  To combat hours of floor cleaning, a lot of people are installing low maintenance floors throughout their RV.  Consider replacing your carpet with tile, vinyl, or laminate wood.  If you love your RV carpet, but hate cleaning it consider putting a tile (or any other low maintenance flooring) in the high traffic areas of your RV, i.e. the doorway, the drivers area, the kitchen area, etc.

Separate Vanity and Toilet:

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More and more people are beginning to desire this layout because it allows one occupant to use the facilities, while another can wash their hands or brush their teeth.  In a vehicle with one bathroom, this small feature can make a big difference in convenience.

Windows, windows, and more windows:
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okay, we admit, this is a little extreme!

As odd as it sounds, I hear a lot of RVers wish they had more windows in their motorhome.  One of the things that draws people to RVing is the ability to enjoy the outside with the convenience of modern technology.  If you feel like you could use more windows in your RV, Safford RV can easily install another window.  (Or two!)

It’s the Little Changes that Make all the Difference….

Some of our customers at Safford RV love their RVs just the way they are, but they do want to customize them just a bit so they really feel like home. These can be easy fixes, like changing out furniture, adding color with curtains, getting fancy bedding or buying any RV add-on you want.

Here are a few of those simple changes:

Clear the Clutter. Go through your RV and get rid of anything unnecessary or anything you don’t use.  Donate items you are not going to use and set aside any item you are unsure about.  When you are finished clearing everything, see how much storage you have left over and see what you want to keep from the “maybe” pile.

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Change the Furniture. If you aren’t in love with the couch your RV came with, change it out for something you really love.  (Preferably, pick out a sofa bed so you will still have the extra sleeping space.)  If you don’t want to get a brand new couch buy some throw pillows, a rug, and curtains to instantly transform the living room area.  The mattress in the bedroom is another piece of furniture that can easily be changed.

Secure Storage Space For Something You Love. Don’t forget to reserve some space for any hobby or activity you love to do.  If you love to scrapbook, pack up your scrapbook supplies and put them in their own special place.  You can also leave this space empty to store things you collect throughout your travels.

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Little Details. Sometimes the little touches will really make your RV feel like a home.  Putting family photos around the RV, adding plants, or just putting something in your RV that means a lot to you will make your time in your RV even more enjoyable.

What have you done to decorate your RV?  We’d love to see pictures of your customization!

And to get your hands on ‘a clean slate’ to customize for yourself, come visit us at Safford RV, 6101 Mallard Road, Thornburg, VA, or visit us on the web: SAFFORD RV