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Rear Window, Summer 2006 © Leslie Hossack

Rooted, Summer 2006 © Leslie Hossack

Trailer and Trees, Spring 2007 © Leslie Hossack

Budding, Spring 2007 © Leslie Hossack

Icing, Winter 2007 © Leslie Hossack

Snowy Window, Winter 2007 © Leslie Hossack

A Dot M, Autumn 2006 © Leslie Hossack

Dreaming, Autumn 2006 © Leslie Hossack

EA Dot M, Autumn 2006 © Leslie Hossack

Mirrored, Autumn 2006 © Leslie Hossack

October Abstract #1, Autumn 2006 © Leslie Hossack

“Don’t stop. Keep right on going. Hitch up your trailer and go to Canada or down to Old Mexico. Head for Europe, if you can afford it, or go to the Mardi Gras. Go someplace you’ve heard about, where you can fish or hunt or collect rocks or just look up at the sky. Find out what’s at the end of some country road. Go see what’s over the next hill, and the one after that, and the one after that.”    – Wally Byam

Airstream….Safford RV…. American Icons

6101 Mallard Rd, Thornburg, VA

540 735 1100

***to view more of Leslie’s collection entitled, ‘Four Seasons’, you can visit her website at, lesliehossack.com. This selection of photographs comes from Leslie’s blog, ‘Haute Vitrine.’ ***