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In my last post I told you about the really incredible Ecco Campervan, which is projected to come to life in 2014….an ‘RV’ that I would venture to say the majority of us would never have thought we could imagine in our lifetime.

That got me to thinking….what else could be out there? Well, there are some incredible RVs driving around the trailer parks these days, let me tell you. Let’s take a look:

Anderson Mobile Estates….they don’t even call these RVs or Travel Trailers. They’re ‘estates’, and according to the website they will ‘transform your life.’  After checking them out, and looking at the price tag, my only thought is, ‘they better!’

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Ron Anderson customizes Trailers, Buses, and Coaches to your liking. Anderson Mobile Estates offers the best in luxury one could afford to put into a 1,200 sq foot trailer. They’ll do everything in their power to give you the satisfaction you deserve upon the customization of your unit.

luxury rvs

All of their units feature a full kitchen, master bedroom, multiple ‘extra’ rooms for whatever you like such as a recording studio, basketball court, shoe closet (!) etc, and they’re decorated with leather, oak wood, and marble treatments throughout the entire unit, giving them the 5-Star Luxury Hotel feel, all while providing you with 360-degree, 24/7 video surveillance and security.

Anderson’s clients include Zac Brown, Will Smith, Sylvester Stallone, and quite a few more on the A-list.

Global X Vehicles…. (eat your heart out, Mr. B)

Global Expedition Vehicles builds and sells one thing: the world’s finest off road Expedition Vehicles. Using a preferred chassis combined with innovative Structural Composite Sandwich (SCS) panel bodies, marine grade components, and a passion for quality workmanship, their vehicles are designed to take you anywhere in the world you want to go, and bring you back.

luxury rvs

Unlike some motor homes or traditional RVs that are worn out after 100,000 miles, GXV all wheel drive extreme RVs are only getting started.

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While traditional travel vehicles are docked on a 12×12 concrete slab at an RV park, tied to an umbilical cord for survival, GXV’s world travel expedition vehicles are miles away.  Their off-road vehicles are parked on secluded beaches in the Mediterranean, or under banana trees in South America.

GXV has built their vehicles with the following criteria:

  • Chassis strong enough to carry anything that you want to put on it

  • Power enough to cruise at comfortable speeds

  • Off road capabilities with high clearance to go over rugged terrain and take you places a regular camper will not.

  • Locking differentials and gears to drive highway speeds or rock-crawl

  • Large fuel storage for sustained camping

  • Enough water and electricity storage to throw away that umbilical cord

  • Luxurious home-like comforts

This vehicle sounds like every boy’s dream….

Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International….Tera Wind

For starters, with a company name like that, you know it’s gonna be good.  And it is.

luxury rvs

The Terra Wind, unveiled July 2003 is the latest creation of Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International LLC (C.A.M.I.) owners John and Julie Giljam.

The Terra Wind gives a whole new meaning to cross country touring. “It is exceptionally unique,” says John Giljam, President. The Terra Wind has the ability to travel on highways at speeds of up to 80 mph or may also serve as a yacht; crossing the water at 7 knots. A Caterpillar engine, Allison transmission and Neway front and rear air suspension make the drive smooth and reliable. On the water an all aluminum hull, a marine drive transmission and one touch rudder control makes maneuvering the Terra Wind unbelievably simple. Safety features include two onboard automatic fire extinguishers and a three zone bilge pump system.

luxury rvs

 “The Terra Wind has been designed with the ultimate in luxury in mind,” says Julie Giljam. This vehicle offers state of the art electronics, marble floors, granite countertops and plush leather furnishings as just a few of the options. Each Terra Wind is a custom work of art. With every buyer being different they may customize exactly what they want to achieve with their coach. “The Land. The Lake. and The Luxury are what we are here to give every owner,” say the Giljam’s. “Whether traveling on land or in the water, you can be traveling first class.”

Sounds like the perfect compromise if you can’t decide between a boat or an RV!

Well, for most of us, the dreaming ends there….But lucky for us, we have Safford RV.  While we can’t offer you an RV that will take you down the lake, or an ‘estate on wheels,’ we can promise you some of the finest RVs in the country, with the best service on the east coast.

Come visit us at Safford RV, and turn your dreams into a reality!



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