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Which one to choose….which one to choose….?

luxury rvs

Be-coc Mobile Home

This is an eco friendly mobile home perfect for those who are both rich and eco conscious. The be coc mobile home has two shells and each module has two swivel rocking panels. This home is customizable allowing the owners to choose the amenities as per their requirements.

luxury rvsThis solar caravan features a large room, well furnished kitchen, modern bathroom and well decorated lounge. The price of the basic model with all solar options is $145,771.


luxury rvs

Monaco Dynasty RV

The Monaco Dynasty diesel pushers are the largest, most luxurious RVs of all motorized recreational vehicles. The engine is located in the rear, hence the name “diesel push.” These incredible RVs include all the basic amenities plus surround sound, satellite dish, security system, LP detector, washer/dryer,  water heater, external shower, keyless entry, roof deck, power awning, and thermal pane windows.

luxury rvs

The Monaco Dynasty has a Starting price of $310,000.


luxury rvsBelgian Axel Enthoven ‘Opera House’

This RV is very high end.  Rest assured you will not see your next door neighbor at the campgrounds driving the same RV.  This beauty is handmade from wood, stainless steel and leather.   Designed by Axel Enthoven, it has been dubbed ‘the Opera’ for its striking shape, reminiscent of the Sydney Opera House. luxury rvs

The subtitle chosen is ‘Your Suite in Nature’ to suggest the best of hotel rooms, but in the heart of nature in this case. The Opera allows you to stay in the most beautiful places, but with the luxury of a wine cabinet, warm-air heating, espresso bar and an enclosed teak veranda. This nomadic, contemporary living tent offers the quality of a luxury yacht combined with the outdoor feeling of camping under canvas.

Luxury rvs

The finishing touches are currently being put to the first Operas, which are being made completely by hand in Geldrop in the Netherlands. The dimensions of the Opera are magical. When it has opened and levelled itself by electric power – inside 5 minutes and without tent pegs, stabilizer jacks and loose tent poles – what you see is a residence measuring 7 metres long, more than 3 metres wide and 3.5 metres high with every conceivable luxury: two first class and electrically adjustable beds that become one with a single simple movement, hot and cold water, ceramic toilet, LED lighting and a mobile hob and barbecue, for example, for cooking outside.


luxury rvs


Jakub Novak, a Czech student from Brno University of Technology, designed a trailer that would look oddly out of place in a campground. Odorico Pordenone, named after Italian medieval traveler Odoric of Pordenone, offers all the benefits of a luxury camper van, while also allowing you to show off your stunning sports car. Expandable when stationary, the trailer strikes a fine balance between utility and beauty.

luxury rvs

Contrary to most expandable trailers that use tent-like structures to gain more room, Odorico Pordenone does not trade comfort for visual qualities. On the contrary, the trailer in its extended state looks even more interesting than when folded for transport. A simple crank-based mechanism is used to operate the “wings” that slide outwards on both sides of the main structure, revealing a large window. The trailer suddenly becomes wide enough to accommodate a living room, a kitchen and a bedroom fitted with a king-size bed.

luxury rvs

The interior design is elegant yet minimalist and pragmatic. This last quality is evident in that additional sleeping space can be conjured up in case of emergencies, with up to four people able to have a good night’s sleep. Similarly, many other fixtures were designed as multi-purpose spaces.

Now I just have to decide which one to go with…..heck!  I won the mega million! I think I’ll go with all four! Pordenone for Yosemite….Be-Coc for the Smokey Mountains….Monaco for Banff….The Opera for Niagra Falls.

Now what to get Mr. B?


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