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work kamping

I’ve written numerous articles on how much fun you can have in your RV: visiting an unending number of wonderful national parks, discovering all of the interesting oddities our country has to offer, or finding a great campground or RV Park – to ‘rough’ it, or ‘glamp’ it – whichever you choose.

But we’ve never looked into the growing group of RVers that not only like to travel in their RVs but that also like to work from their RVs – or that travel in their RV until they find a place they want to stop and work for a while.

Come to think of it, that’s something I just might look into.  I work from home now – this would just be a travelling home, right?  I would get a new view out of my window any time I wanted…how wonderful would that be?

why aren't these guys looking out the window???

An ‘RV Work Kamper’ is what they call themselves, and they truly do enjoy the best of both worlds: they don’t have to go to the office, they get to take their office with them! As full-time RVers they can travel across the country, stopping to camp whenever they find a place they want to explore. Because they also use their RV as their business address, these RV owners don’t have to worry about how many vacation days they have or asking the boss for time off before they hit the road. Called ‘work kamping’, it’s the ultimate RV lifestyle.

There are two kinds of work kampers:

  • Small business owners, entrepreneurs and the self-employed who operate their business from the comfort of their RV motorhome or travel trailer; and

  • Mobile workers who travel to work opportunities.

The RV villages springing up around the new North Dakota and Texas shale oil beds serve mobile workers, but work kamping has more traditionally referred to full-time RVers who pick up occasional seasonal work to offset their living/travel expenses. RV communities of work kampers have served our national parks for years staffing gift shops and serving on facility/trail maintenance crews. These snowbirds move from north to south with the seasons.

Yosemite National Park Gift Shop

I think back to my trip across country a couple of summers ago, and I can remember quite a few ‘retired’ people working at the National Parks.  I’m wondering now if they might fall into this ‘Work Kamper’ category. Apparently the National Parks have relied on this group of retired snowbirds for many years as their backbone of seasonal work. State and private RV campgrounds also rely on RV work kampers to serve as on site managers.

While campground management seems a natural fit for full-time RVers, money-making opportunities for work kampers have expanded tremendously in recent years. The reliability and strong work ethic demonstrated by RV work kampers have made these full-time RV travelers a highly desirable work force.

Hmmm…the ability to combine my work with the freedom, travel and relaxation of full-time RVing….that certainly sounds attractive. And after all, I do blog about RVing, right?

Oh, don’t worry, Mr. B….I know it’s just a pipe dream….Besides, the view out of my window is just fine….. 🙂

However, If you’d like to join the ranks of work kampers, check out Workamper News, Work-camping.com, Happy Vagabonds and other online sites for tips and job opportunities.

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