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RV volunteer community

RVers enjoy a Pot Luck together

For those of you who have been RVing for some time, you know why you love it so much – you get to wander the open road and discover so many beautiful and interesting places; and even more valuable, you get to meet people like you – who dig the RVing lifestyle just as much as you do. Somehow there is always a connection with RVers – something ‘in the blood’ – they’re always neighborly, always helping each other, there’s always a family feeling and connection – like you’ve always known each other. There’s a willingness to help and give to these new friends – ‘neighbors helping neighbors’ – as if you’ve known them your whole life.

In my last entry, I talked about Rvers who travel from place to place, either working out of their RV as they go, or stopping from time to time to stay put for a bit and work in a specific location.

Well, there is also a large community of RVers who take the ‘neighbors helping neighbors’ theme to an even larger degree – they’ve made RV volunteers a respected force in America’s volunteer community. There are thousands of retired and semi-retired RVers who travel with a purpose, moving from town to town to lend a helping hand where it is needed. Summer swells the ranks of RV volunteers with individuals and families who spend their vacations making a difference in the lives of others.

Numerous religious, government and community organizations offer volunteer programs for RVers, including the following well-respected non-profit groups:

rv volunteer community

Rvers volunteer for Habitat for Humanity

  • Habitat for Humanity RV Care-a-Vanners travel the country building Habitat houses and providing disaster relief. RV volunteers of all ages are welcome; no experience is necessary.

  • Volunteer.gov is the national clearinghouse for volunteer opportunities at national parks, historic sites, forests and wildlife refuge areas.

  • Nomads on a Mission, RVers for Christ and other religious groups sponsor RV volunteer projects.

  • Senior Corps and AmeriCorps offer myriad community volunteer opportunities for adults.

  • Volunteer Match matches people with non-profit volunteer programs in their area.

rv volunteer vacation

RV Volunteer Vacation

RV volunteer vacations allow you to be an integral part of a caring community – not just your travelling RV community, but someone else’s community that might need a little help. Nothing lifts the spirit more than seeing the difference you can make in someone’s life.

We’d love to hear about your RV volunteering experiences!  Share them in the comments section below.


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