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small motor homes

Small motorhomes are more popular than ever, and with the recent hike in fuel prices, this trend is bound to continue. We’ve seen two main reasons as the cause of this trend: many baby boomers, who traveled with large towable RVs or sizable motorhomes are downsizing to small motorhomes.  They no longer need large RVs for their families and they want the ease and convenience of a small motorhome.  And, first time RV buyers often choose small motorhomes because they’re as easy to drive as an SUV, which makes people feel more comfortable with their first RV experience.

small motor homes

Jeep Tent Trailer

Increasingly popular, lightweight RVs that are towed – such as small trailers and tent trailers, provide the cheapest option of all. Some can even be towed behind a small fuel-efficient car and are possibly the most frugal option of all.

The many advantages of driving a small motorhome can be broken into 2 categories: frugal (or cost saving) advantages and adventure advantages.

small motorhomes

The Frugal Advantage Of A Small Motorhome

  1. Better fuel economy.
  2. Can access narrow forest roads and other dirt roads leading to free dispersed camping areas.
  3. Can “sneak-a-sleep” wherever overnight parking is allowed.
  4. With a larger RV, many people leave the RV behind and drive a tow vehicle to explore the area. With a small RV, your home and food is always with you so you can save on restaurant meals.
  5. If, while exploring, you find a great overnight spot, you can stay without having to backtrack to get your RV.
  6. Since every storage area in an RV seems to get filled, the less storage space you have, the less “stuff” you bring or are tempted to buy on route. (We still always bring stuff that doesn’t get used.)
  7. Can be used as a primary or secondary vehicle when not traveling.
  8. With the recent escalation in fuel prices, a small RV should hold its value better than a larger model.

The Adventure Advantage Of A Small Motorhome

  1. Easy to drive and park.
  2. Allows you to explore what’s down a narrow road without fearing that you may not be able to turn around.
  3. If you find a great spot, your home is with you so you are free to spend as much time as you like.
  4. You can be more spontaneous. Since all your gear is with you, if you find a wonderful hiking trail, camping area, or meet up with people, you can take advantage of opportunities without having to return to home base.
  5. With less indoor space in a small motorhome, you’re likely to spend more time outdoors which, after all, is the idea, isn’t it?

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