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We’ve talked about a lot of different RVs before: Class A, Luxury RVs, vintage Airstreams…. but we’ve never talked about one type of travel trailer that is becoming more and more popular with RV families that seek a vacation where adventure and activity is a priority: The Toy Hauler.


Toy hauler models are available in just about any style of RV trailer – travel trailer models, fifth wheels, light weights, hybrids – there are even tent trailer models with a front deck for carrying your toys.  Bringing everything to the dunes or the trails has never been easier – they’re usually equipped with large water tanks for extended stays, often come with a large on-board generator and even a fuel filling station to gas up your engines.   Most models will comfortably sleep 6-8 people, so you can bring your friends along too!

fifth wheel toy hauler

Want to take it all with you?  Toy hauler trailers feature a drive-on ramp door in the rear or the side that opens to the inside of the trailer, where living space can be easily converted to cargo space for your favorite toys.  Sofas fold up against the wall, beds lift up to the ceiling, chairs move and the carpet rolls up to reveal tie down anchors in the floor.  Some models even have slide-out rooms, and dedicated garage space that’s separated from the living area.

Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers

RV trailers are towed by a car, van or SUV and are fully detachable so you only need to use them when you need them. This also means that when you reach your destination you can detach your RV trailer so you can go shopping or sightseeing at will without having to have the RV trailer attached all the time.

fifth wheel toy hauler

Added security is the reason many families prefer toy hauler RVs. Toy haulers combine the benefits of RV camping with secure indoor storage. Toy haulers offer maximum storage space for bikes and other “toys” while you are on the road, but quickly convert to living space when you reach your destination via cleverly designed drop-down tables, seating and beds.

fifth wheel toy hauler

They come in a huge variety of sizes, styles, and features. They also vary drastically in price, meaning there is something to suit every price range. RV trailers are becoming increasingly advanced, and these days you can get everything from the basics up to RV trailers with garages, roof top patios, fireplaces, offices and lowering roofs. The opportunities are endless!

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2012 Cyclone CY 3950

When it comes to pass-through exterior storage, the Cyclone leaves the competition crying the blues!  Why?  Because no one else can offer this much clean, clutter-free, rubberized flooring, aluminum framed pass-through storage.

2012 Raptor 4014LEV

The number one selling fifth wheel toy hauler specializes in one thing only – offering you the most innovative, comfortable, eye-popping sport utility vehicle on the market today.  Every Raptor floor plan is the result of input and suggestions from experienced toy hauler owners and others who enjoy active, adventurous life styles.

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