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So, I have to apologize for not writing at all this week.  I’ve been at a conference in Las Vegas, which, hopefully, will only make me better at what I’m doing here at the Safford RV blog.  It hasn’t been ALL work, I have to admit.  Take a look at who I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with:

what happens in vegas stays in vegas

He came shopping with me one day when I had a break from the conference…. I had to ditch him half-way through, however, because he’s a bit slow moving.

Here’s something that’s not slow moving:

what happens in vegas stays in vegas

2012 Itasca Sunstar 35F

And guess where you can get it? Yep, that’s right:

6101 Mallard Rd, Thornburg, VA
540 735 1100 / 800 719 3507
See you there!!!