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This past Memorial Day weekend I saw more RVs, Travel Trailers and Campers on the road then I’ve seen in months – and I can’t believe how many tents were pitched around the lake.  It’s clear that camping season has started.

apps for camping and rving

While it’s easy to go back to that old habit of pulling out our maps and atlases, it’s a lot easier to pull out our iPhones and iPads and check out the hundreds of new apps that are out there for RVing and camping. We looked at some of the best RVing apps back in November 2011 ( read more here ), but, as you know, the ‘i-world’ is ever-changing.  There are plenty more  – new and improved apps – to take a look at for the upcoming summer season!

apps for rving and camping

We Camp Here: This app displays a map of nearby campgrounds. Click and you get detailed campground information. You can read and write reviews, call for reservations, view the campground website or even get turn by turn driving directions to get you to the campground.


apps for camping and rvingCamp Finder: CampingRoadTrip.com has made planning a camping or RV trip easier with the release of this app. With this app you have a simple way to plan your perfect trip, change your plans on the move and search for campgrounds and RV parks ensuring that you have the perfect hassle-free trip.


rv and camping appsCamp & RV by Allstays: Camp & RV is another great camping app for iOS. This universal app will show you nearby campsites. Both the iPhone and iPad interfaces are very well done. The app can even store some of the information on your device, which is needed when you do camping in remote areas. There is a ton of information in this app. Included are over 18,000 campgrounds in the United States and Canada. These include both private and public sites. There are also other neat tidbits such as rest areas, RV rental locations, and other places of interest. _______________________________________________________________

rv and camping apps

Camping List: This is an essential app. Camping list will help you make sure you pack exactly what you need for a successful trip. They’ve included pretty much everything you’ll need to remember for a great, smooth-sailing excursion. This one’s a no brainer.


rv and camping apps

Of course we need some fun stuff too, right….so here’s a list of those goodies:

rv and camping appsSurvival GuideLove this guide. Love it. It’s based on the same survival field manual the boys and girls in digi camo are given and packed with tons of common sense knowledge to keep it real alive out there. Beware: It’s packed. Lot of words, not so many pictures…read and assimilate before you go and you’ll be fine, just fine.


rv and camping app

Coleman Camping Cookbook: This cooking app is a great free app that features a meal planner, detailed menus and pictures for cooking everything you can possibly imagine. Get ready for some great meals on your vacation!


rv and camping app

Knot Time: Knot Time is fun and actually pretty useful.  Not only do they organize knots by purpose, they include how-to videos for each one, which are downloaded when you buy the app, so even if you’re off the beaten path, you can get a bowline on a bight refresher.


rv and camping apps

Creepy Campfire Tales: Gather the kids around the fire and scare the bejeebers out of them as you read from a collection of spooky stories, complete with sound effects.


Okay, I think we’re ready….for the start of summer, that is.  I’m sure by Labor Day, there will be a whole crop of new apps for us to look at!  Enjoy your travels!!



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