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It’s time to step away from the ordinary, and take a look at a few more of the ‘out-there’ RVs and Travel-Trailers that are being made – and purchased! – around the world. Who knows? Maybe you’ll see one that you just can’t live without….

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Introducing: The Mehrzeller, a creation by Christian Freiling, from the Austrian design firm, Nonstandard. (go figure) Just looking at this popped kernel of fun, you can tell you’re in for an upscale adventure.

The idea behind the Mehrzeller was to create a multicellular caravan – a travel trailer, if you will, that has been computer generated using the customer’s inputs, so each one is unique.  Parameters are set from the architects that yield a practical result that caters to the individual wishes of the client while producing the caravan with series methods. Nonstandard believes this is the new generation of mobile living.

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Given a price tag of about $63,000 apiece ( Mr. Freilling says he has sold an unspecified number ) I’ll take mine with butter AND salt, please.

Second on our radar today is the Innotruck, which is created by a public/private partnership of Siemens A.G., Germany’s Technische Universität München and a few others.

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While the Mehrzeller looks like it stepped out of the future, the Innotruck seems to have almost a post-apocalyptic vibe about it. Designed by Luigi Colani, the Innotruck was made to be ‘the world’s biggest motor home’ and was designed to erase the interface between driver and vehicle so the two operate as one.

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The electric vehicle has displays and controls that can adapt to each driver’s capabilities, and to constantly changing conditions such as traffic flow and driver alertness. This ensures that the driver will never be deluged with more information than they need for the task currently at hand, but will also automatically receive data as it is needed. Energy management is another major focus of Innotruck. Described as a “micro smart grid,” the vehicle is able to manage the energy flow not only from its battery pack, but also from onboard solar cells, wind turbines and regenerative brakes. It even features electrical outlets along its sides, so other vehicles can recharge from it when it’s stopped, and so it can release energy into the municipal grid.

No ‘Suggested Retail Price’ listed on that one, but Mr. B better not even think about putting it on his Christmas list because I have a feeling it’s a number that none of us can even fathom. 🙂

Okay…so what do you do when you can’t decide whether you want to go camping or boating? You grab your Thansadet, by Cambo Design, just a modest little trailer that doubles as a houseboat.

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This lovely reminds me of an old 1970’s station wagon, for some reason – or maybe an old toaster – I can’t decide which, but I’m sure the brilliant minds behind Gambo Design have probably never seen either one.

The premise behind Thansadet is simply to provide its owners with a comfortable retreat on both land and water. With space for a family of five, the concept caravan would supposedly take in the best of boating and caravanning. Once detached from the towcar, the body can move from land to sea, converting its inhabitants from land-lubbers into sailors in one effortless launch, providing them with all of the basic amenities of modern life.

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Two side windows can be opened up to the elements and a rear deck area provides some al fresco space to relax while cruising the waterways. The Thansadet may have to stay consigned to the realm of dreams for now – but seeing as though it was pretty chilly when I dropped my boys off at the bus stop this morning, it’s a pretty great dream right now.

Okay – Enough of the Dreaming – Time for some Doing! come visit us at SAFFORD RV, your Richmond Area RV Dealer, where you’ll find a huge selection of RVs, Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Toy Haulers, and many more, all waiting for their first amazing adventure…..we’ll even include the butter and salt!


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