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Fall has arrived….and you know what that means: it’s Tailgating Season!! We’ve covered this topic before, but it’s always good to go over the tips and trends that are going on each year, for a fun and safe tailgating season. So let’s do it!

RV tailgating

Tailgating Heaven!!

Whoever your favorite team, now is the time to take your RV into Safford RV’s service department and make sure it’s up for the challenge of Tailgating Season 2012. You’re going to be joining thousands of people who enjoy the festive atmosphere while partying with fellow parking lot participants, so you’ve got some important things to remember….and, the most important one of course is ( drum roll please…. )


RV tailgating

Mouth Watering Ribs

For most tailgates, all you need to do is pack up a simple barbecue or smoker. Although, as one friend just told me as we watched our kids on the lacrosse field, if you’re down south tailgating at some of the southern colleges, be prepared to roast a full pig. They do like to do it up down there. But it’s true everywhere, food IS the main attraction. Generally these days, you won’t get by with simple hot dogs and hamburgers. Tailgating has turned into an all-day event, so your menu might need to cover the whole day – from breakfast through midnight snacks (!!)

The second most important part of tailgating would be securing the best LOCATION.

RV tailgating

Choose a Location where You Can Spread out and Have Some Fun!

Doing this successfully will depend on your arrival time, so plan to get there early.  Besides, we all know it takes 8 hours to slow smoke a whole hog.  Bring your “A” game and this could be a training run for one of those high-dollar barbecue competitions.  (and don’t forget to wear your pearls and heels if you’re at Ole Miss…or a tie, as is appropriate. 🙂 )

When you’re talking tailgating, the best location doesn’t mean ‘the front row.’ Look for a prime spot near the end of a row to have space to open your awning and set up chairs. If you own a new Class A motorhome, you’ll be in a luxurious home away from home; you may not even want to go into the stadium at all!  (Note: you should call in advance to confirm whether a special parking permit is needed for your RV.)

Here are a few other quick tips that a lot of people tend to forget:

Pack items that everyone seems to forget.  These items include bottle openers and cork screws, tons of paper towels (more than you think), garbage bags, sunscreen, Ziplocs bags and aluminum foil, Frisbees and footballs, toilet paper, extra ice, chairs, spare tupperware, antacid, and a first aid kit.  Be a hero by having jumper cables on hand if someone’s battery goes out.

Start your RV refrigerator several hours before.  Turning on your fridge before the big game will make sure food stays fresh and cold.  Load with pre-cooled items so it doesn’t have to work too hard.

Prepare your water tanks.  Add enough water in the black tank of your RV to cover the bottom after dumping and flushing.  Make sure those that aren’t familiar with RV bathrooms know what can and cannot be put in the toilet.  No paper towels or baby wipes – and make sure you have septic-safe toilet paper on hand, as always.

Know the limitations of your RV generator.  Be careful when running the microwave, blender and TV all at once.  You might trip a circuit breaker.  Know where the breaker panel is just in case to be prepared and not slow down your fun.  Check your generator a day or two before.

RV tailgating

Tailgating in RV City

Meet your neighbors.  Tailgating environments are like a great American neighborhood, where you can walk through “backyards” of fellow fans without privacy fences.  Have extra food on hand, be a friendly neighbor, be respectful to opposing fans and have a good time.  You may meet some new friends or pick up some great RV tips.

Clean up after yourself.  Respect your team and respect the stadium grounds by keeping the place clean.  Have plenty of trash bags in your motorhome to minimize litter.

Don’t forget to have your RV serviced regularly.  If you are taking your RV out for the first game and it’s been a while, make sure everything is safe by going into Safford RV’s service department beforehand.

Tailgating is a uniquely American tradition and experiencing it in a motorhome takes it to a whole new level. You’ll have a roof over your head to endure any weather, your own bathroom to skip the porta potty lines and a full fridge to keep your beverages cold.  And forget about sitting in traffic right after the game. Grill a few more dogs, watch the game highlights on your TV or play a game of cards. Let everyone else sit in those long lines to get out of the stadium!

Here’s to a great 2012 Tailgating Season!! We hope your ____________________ (fill your team name in here) has as great of a season ON the field, as you do OFF the field, at your Tailgate!!


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