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Airstream is a company that is steeped in rich tradition. Airstream founder Wallace Merle “Wally” Byam published an article in 1927 entitled “How to Build a Trailer for One Hundred Dollars.” He sold 15,000 copies at $1 each and then officially started Airstream in 1931.

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It’s been said that Wally created his Airstream business “to make people’s dreams come true.” I think he can rest assured that he’s done that many times over.

Airstream has rubbed elbows with political bigwigs, the Hollywood Elite, and many different companies, organizations and designers over the years, such as Ralph Lauren, Eddie Bauer and New York’s Museum of Modern Art. One of the most innovative, has been with San Francisco-based Design Within Reach (DWR), a retailer of new and creative furnishings and accessories.

Architect Christopher Deam has been working with trailer manufacturer Airstream for 13 years now, producing stunning modern interiors that wow every design show they get towed to. He is the architect that collaborated with DWR to make their Bambi Trailer a reality.  Deam is now responsible for Airstream’s International Collection – ‘Signature, Serenity and Sterling.’

Deam said,” What I found was, you had this great streamlined aerodynamic modern exterior, and then you opened the door and it was like grandma’s kitchen. There was a disconnect between the exterior and the interior.  You approached the trailer and there was the magic promise of the future, and you walk in and it was like a log cabin on wheels. What we decided was we had to do some kind of archaeology, stripping it down and getting rid of all the gewgaws and clunky interior, and taking it back to something really essential.”

Enter, the International Collection:

Airstream Signature International redefines upscale and contemporary sleek sophistication.

Airstream International Signature redefines upscale and
contemporary sleek sophistication.

The Airstream with the Calming Spirit...the International Serenity.

The Airstream with the Calming Spirit…the International Serenity.

The newest addition, The International Sterling, is truly a ‘Dream Airstream:’ minimalist design – maximum functionality.

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With a yacht-like economy of space and a contemporary vibe, you’ll bring your style wherever you go with the new Airstream International Sterling. Keeping the design impressively simple provides all the amenities you need without clutter or compromise.

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There are some smart space-saving devices: cutouts in the rounded sink area, rolling vertical doors. Deam uses LED lighting, which requires less power, which is very critical when you are out on the road. They have what is called a split bathroom (a toilet and sink on one side of the hall and the shower on the other side) with thin accordion doors on either side you can use if you want to create one larger bathroom. It’s full of light and luminosity due to the reflections on the aluminum.

Virginia Airstream DealerOnly the International Sterling blends innovative modernist design sense with the human form-factor friendly layouts Airstream is renowned for. You get the best design in the most livable space – fresh, clean colors and sleek metal surfaces coupled with inviting Ultraleather seating and LED lighting for a cool environment that stays that way. Anodized aluminum storage surfaces are easy to maintain and their bespoke features are easy to admire.

Virginia Airstream Dealer

Premium fixtures, HD TVs and premium sound systems create an inviting space that blends minimalist cache with a party-starting, media-driven atmosphere. By marrying a future-forward interior with the iconic “aero-exterior”, only Airstream could bring the SoHo-loft-meets-spaceship vibe to the most unique travel trailer ever.

Just like Wally, Safford RV is all about making people’s’ dreams come true, so come visit the ONLY AIRSTREAM DEALER IN THE MID-ATLANTIC to take a look at our current RV Inventory, or to learn more about the Airstream International Travel Trailers.



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