at your service

Our state-of-the-art Service Department is recognized as the Premier RV Service facility in Virginia.  We have more RVDA Master Certified RV Technicians than ANY of our closest competitors.  We have large indoor bays and additional hookups outside to work on all makes and models of RV’s, regardless of where you made your purchase!

You can reach our service department by calling:

(800) 719-3507 Toll-Free
540-735-1100 Local

or by clicking the link below:

I need a service appointment!


Matt....RV Detailer

Mike McKishen..... Mobile Service Tech

Matt Richards....Service Technician

Jonathan....Service Technician

DJ Mastin.....Service Tech

Dave S.....Service Technician

Fred....Service Technician

Michael Courtney...Master Service Technician

Meet Rick Buker: one incredible Service Advisor!

Richard Taylor....Service Technician

Demond Grooms....Master Service Technician

here's Steve Campbell - one super amazing Service Advisor!


Talk to us! Subscription is not required, so tell us what's on your mind!

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