The Well Stocked RV Kitchen

safford rvIt’s important to make sure your RV kitchen is fully stocked and ready to go at a moment’s notice.  The only things you should have to pack when you’re ready to leave are clothing items and perishables.

On Friday when the five-o’clock whistle blows and you want to go to your favorite fishing hole, you could be on the road at 5:30.

Here’s a list of some things to keep your kitchen stocked up properly:


• Basting Brush     • Can Opener
• Carafe     • Cereal Bowls
• Coffee Pot     • Cookware
• Citrus Press     • Cups
• Cutlery     • Cutting Board
• Dish Cloths     • Dish Pan
• Dish Towels     • Dough Roller
• Flatware     • Garbage Can
• Garlic Press     • Glasses
• Grill Basket     • Ice Cream Dipper
• Ice Cube Container     • Ice Cube Trays
• Jugs for Tea/Lemonade     • Kitchen Cutters
• Knives     • Lighter
• Masher     • Measuring Cups
• Measuring Spoon     • Micro Grater
• Microwaveable Rectangle Pan     • Muffin Pan
• Nylon Turner     • Plates
• Prep Bowls     • Rice Cooker
• Scrub Sponge     • Serving Bowls
• Serving Spatula     • Sheet Pans
• Storage Clips     • Storage Containers
• Strainer     • Timer
• Tongs     • Vegetable Peeler
• Wine Opener     • Wooden or Bamboo Spoons


• Asian Seasoning     • Baking Powder
• Baking Soda     • Bottled Water
• Brown Sugar     • Chili Beans
• Chocolate Chips     • Cinnamon
• Coffee     • Coffee Filters
• Flour     • Garlic & Herb Seasoning
• Graham Crackers     • Hot Cocoa
• Italian Seasoning     • Jerk Seasoning
• Marinara     • Marshmallows
• Olive Oil     • Pasta
• Pepper     • Rosemary Seasoning
• Salt     • Spaghetti
• Steak Seasoning     • Sugar
• Syrup     • Taco Seasoning
• Top Ramen     • Vegetable Oil
• Vegetable Spray


• All-Purpose Cleaner     • Aluminum Foil
• Coffee Filters     • Dish Soap
• Doggie-doo Baggies     • Garbage Bags
• Napkins     • Paper Bowls
• Paper Coffee Cups/Lids     • Paper Plates
• Window Cleaner     • Zip Bags, large
• Zip Bags, small

list courtesy of ChefBoyRV


5 thoughts on “The Well Stocked RV Kitchen”

  1. We live in central Texas, Summers get really hot…100+degrees! I want to make things easier to keep the RV packed but with that heat the temp inside the RV is even higher! How can I Make packing easier without things going bad. We only get out about 2 or 3 times a year and it is usually just the two of us and the dog! Any ideas? Thanks, Kim

  2. One of the beauties of RV’ing full time is that you don’t have to worry about forgetting to pack things when you want to go away….but thanks for the great ideas and lists.

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